Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Tiered VIVO Build

An interesting aspect in the relationship between VIVO and Vitro (the non-ontology specific engine for VIVO and other projects) is the layered nature of the projects.  VIVO as a source repository is basically a shell that copies over it's Vitro base.

Cornell extends this further with adding their own changes to VIVO as a third level.  By modifying the build.xml file and the to include pointing at VIVO as a second layer, the build script can preform the same changes to VIVO as VIVO does to Vitro.

It seems a little complicated, but it removes you from the VIVO source allowing you to replace your VIVO target with the latest version and adapt more rapidly to new releases of VIVO.  There hasn't been a study yet, but I would guess that the average time from release of a new VIVO version to an institution upgrading to that version is probably around 5 months.  I know at UF it took us about that long (often waiting for the .1 release) and at CU they were still on 1.2 when I arrived (1.5 was released just before the VIVO conference in August).

I've started a wiki article on the new VIVO confluence wiki,, that describes how to setup your local VIVO to run this three tier system.

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