Sunday, October 31, 2010

UDS-N +2

Its sunday after UDS-N and I thought I'd take the day to sum up the resources that were identified to me this past week in Orlando.

I found out about communication in the ubuntu community

like the IRC groups

The mailing lists

and the BeginnersTeam

Probably the most helpful session was one on Ubuntu and the Community On Ramp, They talked there how to better explain how someone can become involved with Ubuntu and how to explain all the opportunities that are present. Some of the most helpful documents from that session was a couple sites that the community and Jono had been putting together. The first is the unity involvement site,

It has a nice layout and resources that I've yet to review but look like they will be very helpful. The second was a site that I believe Jono was working on,

This site had recommended tools, tutorials, and a path to getting involved. It needed some work (the center graphic starts with develop, the matching links top and bottom start with create) but so far has been fairly helpful.

The another helpful session I went to was on PaperCuts, Every cycle/release the community picks 100 items that are small usability errors that are typically considered trivial. There was alot of great information about getting the beginners team involved.

I needed to leave early to get back to Gainesville so my wife and I could drive to a wedding. I happen to see a session about Launchpad and Bzr and I commented on it to Chris. By chance I made my comment while Chris was sitting next to someone from OpenStack. They have a tutorial on LaunchPad and Bzr on thier site at

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