Sunday, November 27, 2011

RIP Anne Mccaffrey

Before my mother began reading romance novels (yuck), she read fantasy books.  More specifically, she read Anne Mccaffrey.  My mother pulled from her collection my first fantasy book, Dragonsong.  It was a quick read, but it took me to a far away world.  The threat of thread, ancient lifestyle, dragons it all took hold.  I quickly moved from DragonSong to DragonSinger and DragonDummer finishing up the Harper Hall Trilogy.  From there the other Pern books which took on a slight scifi bent, then the "Ship Who Sang" and many other series by Mccaffrey.  My cousin suggested one of my other favorite authors, David Eddings, because I liked Anne Mccaffrey.

Anne Mccaffrey died this past week from a stroke.  Anne, you brought music into a genre of of swords, magic and mythical beasts.  Your books took me out of childrens literature and opened me to hundreds of authors and worlds.

Thank you

NPR Article on Anne Mccaffrey

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