Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where did all the creativity go?

I'm watching TV this evening and a commercial comes across the screen. A village is being invaded, a boy with an overly large sword, long hair, and no shirt. "Oh no" I exclaim. My wife doesn't know yet. More scenes, poor english, more shirtlessness, more massive sword, then the title. My wife now exclaims "What!". It's "Conan the Barbarian."

What happened to creativity? Have all the creative writers died and my generation is just too lazy to think up anything original? Are executives forcing cheap remakes to keep up the bottom line?

Part of me thinks I'm just being cantankerous before my time, especially when I go looking for information about this topic and I find a similar article in the Christian Science Monitor. All I have to do is think of Top Gun 2 and I realize I'm not being as irrational as I think I might be. Do we need a "Top Gun 2"? Couldn't you have made a fighter plane movie in this era without relating it to Maverick? Oh I forget, "Stealth" was such a epic failure that obviously it wasn't the poor plot idea or so-so acting, it was the fact Maverick wasn't in it.

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