Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Harvester Webinar: 1st Presentation

Today was the first day of the Harvester Webinar's. We've got about 34 people scheduled, and they evenly split between Tuesday 11am and Wednesday 1pm EST. The webinars are about 2 hours long, focusing on the basics of setting up the Harvester Library and using building a script for harvesting people and publications into VIVO.

Tuesday's webinar was well attended, 7 non-harvester team connections were watching the webinar with several of the connections have 2+ people. Alot of great questions and good feedback. Primary concerns seem to be performance and perhaps usability/accessibility. We'll be addressing these over the next 3 iterations as we begin to integrate with the VIVO code base for User Interfaces. We'll be posting everyone's questions and posting a copy of the webinar on vivo.sf.net very soon.

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