Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Being married means I watch shows that I wouldn't usually watch, but end up enjoying. We watched the preview for Glee and the concept of the show sounds like Sister Act as a serial TV show, where a teacher both instructs his students and learns himself in the process. I had hope, that it would be something I could enjoy. I still have some hope, but it starting out very predictable.

The most obvious plot point, is the drama with his controlling wife, who may or may not be pregnant, and the quirky fellow teacher who swoons whenever he is around. Its very similar to Jim and Pam from the office or one of a hundred other TV romances. We also have the jock whose tender and loves to sing, any may or may not have a triangle with the female lead and his current cheerleader girlfriend.

I have hope that it will break away from the TV stereotypes and return with a show where the drama is in the struggles of the teacher and students, and not in their love life's, but after Greys Anatomy and Smallville and House, I don't have a lot of hope for TV left.

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