Wednesday, August 8, 2007

48 Hour Film Festival

I helped out my friends Paul (Skippy) and Matt this weekend with the 48 hour film festival. They are the two on the bottom left leaning into each other. It was an amazing experience, I learned a little bit about lighting and reflecting light from Miller, I got to create part of the art that went into the production companies logo. Joy was the script writer and put together a really great plot about a guy looking for an apartment and his new neighbors.

Matt Jones played the main character, and almost everyone had a part. Kirkendall played a thief, the required character from the 48 hour film project. His brother Peter played the Apartment manager. Leatherby played the Asian friend of Kirkendall's character. Joy played a next door neighbor with a kid who always hit the toilet seat (the prop required by the 48 hour film festival). Her sister Cassie played the cute next door neighbor/love interest of Matt Jones. Lauren played a giggly/friendly girl. Brett from Paul's youth group played a skateboarder. I even got a little bit of time, I drove a getaway van.

Paul said Joy was going to flesh out a longer script which we'll probably shoot between now and the next competition. August 25th we learn who won what city awards. Its kind of annoying now that I've found I really really like helping out and want to learn more, it doesn't look like they'll be doing any movie making for a little while, to give Paul, Matt Jones, Matt Miller, and Joy time to rest.

The video is online at here

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